Home security made simple

Our alarm installation is fuss free; we use the latest proven wireless technology so our engineers can fit your system quickly with virtually no disruption. RAPID uses your internet connection to send the alarm, and will use one or more mobile SIM* providers if your internet isn't working, all included as standard!

wireless to protect the life you lead

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The safer way to track the movements of any intruder

In the unlikely event of an intrusion the webeye assured RAPID system tracks the movement of the person as it happens around the property on your smartphone or device. The system is configured in such a way that it will tell you which PIR is activated or provide the sequence of activations i.e kitchen activated, living room activated, hall activated, bedroom 1 activated, so you or your friends could be on your phone relaying this information to the police straight away without confronting the intruder directly.

Speed of delivery to improve your safety

*Global, roaming SIM included

Track the intruder's movements

Alarm panel with
integrated keypad

Discreetly sits in your home, ideally near your router. It uses battery powered ancilleries which fit almost anywhere.

Alerts sent directly to
your smartphone

Upon intrusion an alert is sent typically within 3 seconds of activation

Video option sends a 5 second
clip directly to your smartphone

The video option sends a clip upon activation, so you can identify and call the police if appropriate

The fastest alarm delivery in the residential market

webeye assured RAPID usually takes only 3 seconds* from activation to delivery to your smartphone. That means if an alarm is triggered you'll get to know faster than any other alarm system on the market. Because you get the alert within seconds you're able to respond within seconds wherever you might be. Armed with either video or alert evidence of a burglary in progress your call to the police will get the priority it deserves.

*Typical time of delivery using the webeye assured RAPID blind option. The video option will take longer.

Burglar detected, alarm sent, everyone notified
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